CFO Radio Interview

On October 17, 2011,  I was interviewed by Lorraine Chilvers on CFO Radio on the topic of Interim Executive Services.  The interview that lasted around 45 minutes is proceeded by some industry news.  During the course of the interview, I am asked about a variety of aspects of Interim Executive Services.  Since Lorraine has insight into the Interim Executive Consulting business, her questions were deeply probing and she did a very good job of engaging me on many of the more important aspects of Interim Engagements and the Interim Executive lifestyle.

Lorraine and I previously served together at Tatum.  Eventually, we went our separate ways.  I went on with my Interim Executive Services career and Lorraine went on to found Delaney Consulting and CFO Radio.

At the time of the interview, I was serving as the Interim Chief Financial Officer of The Central Florida Health Alliance serving Leesburg and The Villages in central Florida.  I recently listened to the interview again and it struck me that the material in the interview is just as current now as it was then.

The interview may be found here.



  1. Governance and Culture – appreciated your observation that these two areas are often the root of calamity in orgs. This is true in the vendor community as well. Companies who deliver dependably are strong in both. I would group accountability under governance. Strong companies hold leaders accountable for delivering results.


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