About Interim Executive Services

What is Interim Executive Services anyway?

Interim EXECUTIVE SERVICES is temporary consulting service provided in or to the executive suite of an organization.  Interim consulting is differentiated from traditional consulting based on the fact that an interim consultant goes into an organization and works there on a full time basis until the job is complete as contrasted with a traditional consultant that is in and out of an organization a number of times during the course of an engagement.  It is common for interim executives to be involved in execution and not just act as advisors.  In some situations, Interim Executives have hiring / firing authority along with signatory responsibilities.

Executive Services is differentiated from other interim services based on the reporting relationship of the Interim Executive.  If the interim executive is reporting to the Board of Directors or CEO, they are engaged in Executive Services as opposed to other interims or temps working at lower levels in the organization.  The differentiating factor about Executive Services is that the work is more strategic and cognitive in focus as opposed to task orientated, supervised activities carried out by most of the interims an organization will typically engage.  There is more risk to an organization with an interim executive providing Executive Services.  Typically, billing rates are higher for Executive Services and the potential of the Interim Executive to have a profound effect on the organization is much higher.  An organization engaging Executive Services has the right to expect a lot more from a sophisticated Executive Services Interim than they would from someone picked to just fill a slot temporarily.

The stereotypical reason for engaging an Interim Executive is to deal with an unexpected turnover situation or operational challenge.  Interim executives are also useful in what I call project work.  Sometimes, an executive cannot adequately address all of the demand they are facing.  A major financing, a rating agency presentation preparation or a strategic planning exercise are examples of how an interim that is able to focus on only a couple of things can make a big difference as an extender to help an organization or executive get over a hump.

Another example of how an interim can add value in a stable situation is during a normal turnover event.  An executive gives notice of intent to depart for another organization.  Thirty days is never enough time to conduct an executive recruitment unless there has been succession planning that has a successor in place.  An interim in this situation can assist the organization through the transition while buying valuable time to conduct a robust, thorough search.

What is in this blog?

This blog contains articles focusing on Interim Executive Services and leadership. What is it?  How does it work?  Where do you find resources?  How do you structure a deal?  How do you manage the engagement?  What kind of people are involved in providing Interim services?  I have written several articles on organizational transitions and leadership, leadership / career development.  Along the way, my growing group of followers is asking questions and making suggestions for me to produce content that addresses areas of their interest.  If there is something you are interested in and do not know where to find answers, I can help you by providing resources or by writing on the topic as I have done several times.

Why should you be interested in this content?

My objective in producing and maintaining this blog is to provide a contribution to the Interim Executive Services industry, primarily as it relates to healthcare.  I intend to imbue the reader with experience and insight that took years of very hard work and study to obtain.  This blog is intended to be of interest to Interim Executives and persons considering Interim Executive Services and decision makers considering the use of Interim Executives to add value to their organization.

If you are an Interim Executive, this blog is for you.  If you are considering Interim Executive Services as a means of earning a living this blog is for you.  If you are an Interim Executive  that wishes to improve your value to the organizations you serve this blog is for you.  If you are new to Interim Executive Services and you want to know more about whether it makes sense to affiliate with a firm, this blog is for you.

If you are a decision maker wondering if bringing an interim executive into your organization will be accretive, this blog is for you.  If you are a decision maker struggling to understand the value proposition of interim Executive Services, this blog is for you.  If you are a decision maker that does not know how to structure or manage an interim engagement, this blog is for you.  If you are a decision maker that wishes to maximize the value of an interim engagement not only to your organization but to your career, this blog is for you.

I endeavor to secure reader’s attention with catchy article titles. To help readers and, based on a reader’s recommendation, I start most articles with a short abstract. Just because a title looks out of place, the article may contain pearls of wisdom and insight that was written with you in mind. Take a look at the abstracts of some of my idly titled articles.

About the Author:  My name is Ray Snead.  I have been practicing healthcare finance and administration as a permanent or interim executive for over thirty five years.  Over ten years ago now, my life took a major turn when I started work with Tatum, LLC, an Interim Executive Services firm based in Atlanta that at the time had the largest Interim Executive Services practice in the healthcare industry.  I found my calling in practice as an Interim Executive.  Nothing provides a better opportunity to have a favorable, transformative impact in an organization that is in transition.  At this stage of my career, I have become passionate about making a difference in healthcare organizations that improve their ability to serve their communities.  I have become enamored with the potential of Interim Executive Services to have profound favorable effects on organizations.  I  have been a key figure in a number of incredible organizational transitions where the trajectory of an organization was literally altered for the better time and again.  A brochure from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) launched my career in ways I could have never imagined.  UAB’s Department of Health Services Administration is one of the top graduate health administration programs in the country.  I was besotted by the program mantra of “Evidence based leadership in Healthcare Administration” due to my experience as an Interim Executive dealing with organizations that were experiencing difficulties sometimes due to decision making that had not been evidence based.  My practice has shown me that one of the common characteristics of organizations that end up needing the services of Interim Executives is that they have compiled a consistent pattern of poor (non-evidence based) decision making spanning years in some cases.  Seeing little risk from applying, I sent an application to UAB to enter the doctorate in healthcare administration program.  Much to my surprise, I was admitted.  When the time came for the dissertation part of the program, I was surprised to learn that no one had ever conducted dissertation research on the subject of Interim Executive Services in the history of the US Healthcare industry so the field was wide open for research.  The University approved my dissertation proposal and I have gone on to become the only person to  conduct such as study to date.  I guess that makes me an expert of sorts.  You can find my dissertation here.  I  look forward to developing original content for this blog and collaborating with thought leaders in the industry to develop content that adds value to the practice of Interim Executive Services.

How to get in contact with me

There is more information about me on my LinkedIn profile.

I can be reached through LinkedIn, comments to my blog posts or directly at ras2@me.com.  I look forward to collaborating with each and every reader.

What you should do

Become a follower of my blog.  A bubble at the bottom of blog pages can be clicked to become a follower.  My followers are notified every time new content is released.  Sometimes, articles are posted before a public announcement is made.  As a follower, you will be the first to have access to new content.  I need your help getting the word out about this blog.  Please link this site to any content you are developing and forward links to anyone you know that might be interested in this work.  I welcome your feedback and commentary.  At any given time, I have several articles in various stages of completion.  I am interested in collaborating with practicing executives on the development of articles for publication on this blog.  Please let me know if you have a question or idea.  Finally, if you are a decision maker interested in knowing more about Interim Executive Services or an executive considering this type of consulting as a career path, I would love to hear from you.


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