There are a number of references to CEOs in these commentaries, however, the principles being described apply equally to all of the ‘O’s or officers.  In fact, either the CEO is setting the tone for the organization or what happens to him has a collateral effect on the other executives in organizations.

I acknowledge the use of the male gender.  This is not intended as a direct or indirect micro-aggression or to indicate bias.  I am sick of the political correctness that is killing our society.  If you see the use of the male gender, you are free to read ‘him/her’ in its place.

There was a question about the use of the term ‘C-Suite.’  The C-Suite is generally defined as the senior leadership group of an organization and customarily consists of the Chief Executive and his direct reports.  These executives are frequently located in close proximity to each other in an organization hence the use of the word ‘suite.’  In some cases, the executive team is literally located in a suite of offices and conference rooms.  Alternatively, these folks are frequently described as O’s as in CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CNO, CPO, CHRO, CMO, CMIO, etc.